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About Us

Manufacturers, importers and distributors of food products for over 100 years!

In 1917, Louis Neiman began selling sugar out of a small warehouse located at 3100 W. Polk Street in Chicago. Mr. Neiman grew the business by slowly adding commodities such as flour and shortening. In 1920, Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. moved to a larger facility in Chicago located at 2721 W. Roosevelt Road. Over the years, more products and ingredients were added to the inventory in an effort to expand the range of items offered to customers. The Neiman philosophy has always been and continues to be that we carry the highest quality products and provide superior service.

Louis Neiman’s oldest son, Seymour Neiman, joined Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. in 1945 after studying Food Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin and following four years in the United States Air Force. Seymour Neiman worked closely with his father for many years. During that time, Louis Neiman’s youngest son, William Neiman, began working on weekends and during summer vacations at the young age of 13. William Neiman worked throughout his undergraduate studies at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating from the Wharton School and completing his army duties and receiving his JD from Northwestern University Law School, William Neiman officially joined Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. in the spring of 1963. Together, the three Neiman men worked to expand their business and clientele and formulated specialty recipes, seasonings & spice blends, fancy fruit fillings, and extraordinary flavors. Having a passion for sweetness, Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. began processing honey. In April 1966, Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. moved to its current location at 3322 W. Newport Avenue on the near north side of Chicago.

Carrying on the family traditions and representing the third generation of her family is Laura Neiman, William Neiman’s daughter, who joined the family business in the spring of 1997 immediately upon completion of her BA in Economics & Managerial Finance from Brandeis University. Under Laura Neiman’s leadership, Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. was awarded the Loyola University 2010 Family Business of The Year and Laura Neiman is a member of the University of Illinois at Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Today, 100 years since Louis Neiman began selling sugar, Neiman Brothers Company, Inc. continues to grow, provide the highest quality ingredients and offer stellar service for our customers. We look forward to at least another century of business!